Current State Of EcoSMP

Updated October 5th, 2022
EcoSMP has made an incredible amount of progress over the last few months and we are thrilled with the support we are receiving from the community. We are excited to continue sharing all the amazing things we have built with everyone. Our goal is to provide the best gaming experience possible while implementing innovative technologies/ideas into our existing gameplay wherever it can enhance the experience for our players.
Unfortunately, Mojang has taken away the ability to utilize much of what we have built on Minecraft alone with their recent policy changes regarding the use of crypto/blockchain/nfts. For this reason, EcoSMP and NFT Worlds are now building on our own game engine that is compatible with all existing spigot plugins meaning we can seamlessly transfer everything we have already built directly onto this new platform. This opens up limitless opportunities to more fully realize the potential of the technologies that are now available to us. We want to stress that the EcoSMP Minecraft network will not be going anywhere. It will remain compliant with Mojang's new policies and we will continue to build great gameplay experiences here on Minecraft. This new game is purely an addition to what we are already building.
Due to the recent policy changes made by Mojang, EcoSMP is only releasing a small amount of the Web3 technology we have developed. This includes paying players $WRLD for their playtime and for certain actions in-game. We are planning to provide many use cases for $WRLD and other Web3 technologies wherever it makes sense and enhances the experience for our players moving forward.
Building such a high-quality metaverse filled with meaningful and fun gameplay experiences requires thousands of hours of work from the EcoSMP team as well as our NFTW Verified Developer team. It also requires top-end server hardware, marketing, graphic design work, licensing, and various other business expenses. A large amount of capital is required to sustain growth and development and it would not be possible without support from our community.
We cannot thank you all enough for joining us on this incredible journey. If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or just want to talk more with us feel free to submit a ticket on the Discord server any time and we will get back to you within the day.