The EcoSMP Discord server is an integral part of the EcoSMP network/metaverse.
Some of the things you can do on the EcoSMP Discord server include viewing live info about what's going on in-game, talking to players in-game, voice chatting with other players in the community, proximity voice chatting with players near you in-game, viewing updates/announcements about the network/metaverse, sharing media with the community, getting support from the EcoSMP staff team, speaking in international channels with automatic translation, using custom $WRLD integrations, and more! Your in-game account, Discord account, and NFT Worlds wallet are all connected to create a seamless user experience. Our goal is to eliminate as much friction as possible while utilizing advanced technology/features. This allows players to spend as much time as possible enjoying the EcoSMP network/metaverse while getting all of the benefits this advanced technology can offer.