Imagemap Guide

Import your own full quality custom images into the game!

How to Use Imagemaps

1. Go to the donation store, pick image size, add to cart, pick how many copies you would like, and submit your donation on this site. 2. Send us your image on Discord via a ticket or via email @ [email protected]. Also include your in-game name & the xyz coords of where you would like your imagemap(s) placed in-game. 3. The staff team will create & place your custom imagemap(s) within 24 hours.


1. No inappropriate or potentially offensive images. 2. Make sure you have the rights to use this image. 3. No advertising. This includes company logos and other potential forms of advertising in-game. 4. Don't try to cheat the system. For example, if you want four 1x1 block imagemaps, you cannot buy one 2x2 imagemap and just split the image into a grid. 5. The staff team reserves the right to deny any images if they may make the gameplay experience worse for others. If this happens, a full refund will be provided.
Note: Imagemaps can be moved by you later. They can also be any resolution but the higher the resolution, the better they will turn out.


7x5 Imagemap Using an In-Game Screenshot

4X6 Imagemap Using Regular Image

5x5 Imagemap Using an Illustration