PVP Combat

EcoSMP is a non-competitive server. For a more hardcore competitive experience focused on things like PVP, Raiding, War, etc. please check out EcoFactions. EcoFactions is part of the same EcoSMP network and can be joined from the hub server or from EcoSMP using /red.


  • PVP is intended to only be for fun on EcoSMP. Participants must agree to PVP and must not be forced or tricked into it. PVP is disabled in the wilderness but can be enabled in town claims.
  • Town leaders can turn PVP on using /t toggle pvp on for the whole town, /plot toggle pvp on for individual plots, or /plot set arena to create PvP arenas.


  • Killing players inside of non-PVP areas using things like lava, traps, etc. breaks rules 1 & 3.
  • Scamming players or tricking them into entering PVP areas breaks rules 1 & 4.
  • Maliciously targeting/bullying the same player/group repeatedly to ruin their time on the server breaks rule 1.
  • These rules will be adapted over time to best fit the gameplay style we are aiming for with EcoSMP.