Creating Nations

Nations are collections of up to 10 allied towns. They offer various benefits/features such as bonus plot claims, more resources, and allies to participate in wars with.


  • Each town in a nation gets 100-300 extra bonus plot claims depending on how many residents are in the nation ranging from 1-60 residents.
  • Nations collect 25% of the resources produced each day by their towns.
  • Nations can go to war against other towns; if they win, they will receive 25% of that town's resources each day.

Create A Nation

  • To create a nation, a player must be Master rank or above. They must also be the mayor of their town and their town must have at least $100,000 in the town bank.
  • Once the requirements are met, a player can use /n new [Nation_Name] to create their nation.
  • Nations pay a daily upkeep fee of $500 per town in the nation. This money is automatically withdrawn from the nation bank each day. Deposit money using /n deposit [amount].