Siege War Guide

  • Strategic - A political, non-destructive, war-on-demand system, focusing on resources, economics, and geopolitics.
  • 🌍
    Non-destructive - The system is completely non-destructive to buildings because town build perms are completely unaffected. Towns can only be captured in their entirety, leaving the mayor and residents in place, and casting the victorious nation as an 'occupying power'.
  • 😁 Everyone Can Play - Each siege is typically around 3 days which has the advantage of allowing both 'dedicated' and 'casual/cross-timezone' players to become involved and contribute meaningfully to most wars.
  • 🕊️ Peacefulness - For towns that want to live in peace. This feature allows a town to become immune to sieges and taxes, in return for giving up some control over its national destiny, and causing its residents to experience 'war allergy' if they approach a siege zone. Use /t toggle neutral on if you do not want to participate in wars!
Note: War features are disabled on the Classic server.

Mechanics Summarized

  • 🔥
    Start a Siege: Place a colored banner next to an enemy town.
  • Score Siege Points - Banner Control: As an attacker or defender, occupy the wilderness area close to the siege-banner for 10 minutes, thus gaining 'banner control', which provides small but constant point increases every few seconds.
  • Score Siege Points - Kill: As an attacker or defender, score high siege points by killing enemy players in a wide radius around the siege banner.
  • 🏆 Win Siege: When the siege-victory-timer hits 0, the side with the best siege-points total wins.
  • 💰
    Plunder Town: If the attacker has won, they may place a chest outside the town. This will 'plunder' the town of X money and resources, then transfer the loot to the victorious nation. Towns that run out of money will go 'bankrupt', where perms are still protected, but the town is in debt.
  • 🚩
    Capture Town: If the attacking nation has won, they may place a second colored banner outside the town. This will make them the occupying nation meaning the town will automatically send 25% of its produced resources to that nation each day. (The town will not be removed from its own nation)

Mechanics Extended

Start a Siege:
  • Place a colored banner next to an enemy town. The attacking nation deposits $10+/plot into a war chest. This money will be automatically recovered later, by the eventual winner of the siege.
Wait for a Battle Session to begin:
  • A Battle Session must be active for players to gain Battle Points.
  • Battle Sessions start every 3 hours, at 10 past the hour, and each one lasts 2 hours and 50 minutes.
Capture Banner:
  • As a Official Siege Participant (a military-ranked member of one of the teams), walk into the Banner Capture Zone (a 16 block radius around the Siege-Banner). A Banner Capture Session will start.
  • Remain alive for 7 minutes, then you will Capture the Banner for your team, and will be added to the Banner Control List.
  • Your team will automatically get 30 Battle Points each minute for each player on the Banner Control List.
  • If a team steals battle control from the enemy team, this is called a Banner Control Reversal, and the reversing team has their base timed-point-generation rate multiplied 3.
  • Each player is limited in how many Battle Sessions they can cap-at each day: 3 on Weekdays, 6 on Weekend-days.
Kill Enemy Players:
  • As a soldier in the Siege-Zone, kill an enemy Official Siege Participant of military rank, for a reward of 150 Battle Points.
🎖️ Win Battle:
  • When the Battle Session ends:
    • The team with the best Battle Points score is declared the battle-winner.
    • Both teams get their battle points applied to the Siege Balance.
  • The Siege Balance is capped on either end, at -20,000 and +20,000.
🏆 Win Siege:
  • When the siege ends:
    • If the Siege Balance is greater than zero, the attacker is declared the siege-winner, otherwise the defender is declared the siege-winner.
    • The besieged town receives Siege Immunity, for x3 times the duration of the siege. Siege Immunity protects the town from further attacks.
    • The besieged town also receives Revolt Immunity for 75% the duration of the Siege Immunity. Revolt Immunity stops the town from revolting.
  • Abandon attack:
    • As a siege attacker, you can place an all-white banner in the wilderness close to the town to abandon the attack.
  • Surrender defence:
    • As a siege defender, you can place an all-white banner in the wilderness close the the town to surrender the defence.
Plunder Town:
  • As king or general whose nation has won a siege, place a chest in the wilderness close to the town.
  • This action will rob the town of $20+/plot, and deposit it in the nation bank.
  • A plundered town cannot fall due to the money loss (it can only go 'bankrupt', preserving the town completely but blocking building/claiming/recruitment).
Capture Town:
  • If the attacker has won, they may place a second coloured banner outside the town. This will capture the town, and forcibly add it to the victorious nation. (which it cannot leave for a few days)
  • As king or general whose nation has won a siege, place a non-white banner in the wilderness near the town:
    • This action will invade the town, setting the victorious nation to be its occupier.
    • The occupied town remains a full part of the home nation, except for the following areas, where it is considered a part of the occupying nation:
      • Map color.
      • Nation rankings (/n list).
      • Global Domination Awards.
      • Nation bonus plot generation.
      • Towny Influence on nearby Peaceful Towns.

Escape Occupation

  • 👉
    As the mayor of a town which has been defeated in a siege and invaded, you have a few options.
  • 🧑🌾
    Free yourself via a Revolt Siege:
    • Place a non-white banner outside the town.
    • If the town wins, the occupation will be removed.
    • If the town loses, the occupier can plunder.
  • 🇺🇳
    Get a friendly nation to free the town using a Liberation Siege.
    • The king/general from the friendly nation starts this siege by placing a non-white banner outside the town.
    • If the Liberator wins, the occupation will be removed.
    • The Liberator can (optionally) plunder and/or invade.
    • If the Liberator loses, the occupier can plunder and/or invade.
  • Fight off a Suppression siege by the occupier.
    • The king/general from the occupying nation starts this siege by placing a non-white banner outside the town.
    • If the occupier wins, they can plunder and/or invade, and the revolt timer is reset.
    • If the occupier loses, the occupation is removed.
  • 🕊️ Go Neutral
    • As described in the Player Commands section below, you can take the town Neutral.
    • In this way, it may escape occupation.
    • WARNING: If the town ever switches back to non-neutral, it will get automatically reoccupied by the original occupier.

Player Guide

  • View Information:
    • Guidebook - /sw guide - Opens a book which explains how SiegeWar works, with precise values reflecting the server's SiegeWar configuration file.
    • Siege - /sw hud [town name] - Toggle a HUD on/off, to monitor the progress of a particular siege.
    • Town - /t or /t here or /t [town name] - View detailed information about the siege on the town (if any).
    • Nation - /n [nation name] - View the list of sieges the nation is involved in (if any).
  • Configure Personal Preferences:
    • /sw preference bossbar on|off - Toggle the bossbars on and off.
    • /sw preference beacon on|off - Toggle the beacon beam on and off.
  • 🛡
    Assign Military Ranks:
    • Town - /t rank add [player name] [rank] - As a mayor, assign guard & sheriff ranks. As a sheriff, assign guard ranks. Guards, sheriffs, and mayors can gain Battle Points if the town is sieged. Mayors can also execute siege surrenders.
    • Nation - /n rank add [player name] [rank] - As a king, assign any nation military rank e.g. private, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major, colonel, or general. As a general, assign any of these except general. The king, or any soldier, can gain Battle Points in nation/ally sieges. Kings and generals can also execute siege attacks/abandons/invasions/plunders.
    • 💸
      Pay Soldiers:
      • /sw nation paysoldiers <amount> - As a king, make a military salary payment to your soldiers. Each soldier receives a share of the money, based on their military rank.
      • 💵
        Collect Military Income:
        • /sw collect - As a soldier, collect any income due to you from Military Salary.
        • Example: If you have one General, one Major, one Captain, and one Sergeant in your nation's military ranks and the nation's King types the command: "/sw nation paysoldiers 1000"; the General will receive ~ $375, the Major will receive ~$275, the Captain will receive ~$$220, and the Sergeant will receive ~$155
Military Rank
Pay Grade
  • 🕊️ Manage Occupation Peacefully:
    • /sw nation removeoccupation <town> - As a king, peacefully remove your nation's occupation of a town.
    • /sw nation transferoccupation <town> <nation> - As a king, invite another nation to peacefully occupy a town which you currently occupy.
    • /sw town inviteoccupation <nation> - As a mayor, invite a nation to peacefully occupy your town.
  • 🕊️ Make Town Neutral:
    • /t toggle neutral - As a mayor, declare your town to be neutral. The neutral state will be confirmed in 5 days (2 if the town is new).
      • Advantage
        • Town becomes immune to siege attack.
      • Disadvantages
        • Town cannot move homeblock.
        • Residents cannot receive nation-military ranks.
        • Residents are afflicted by war sickness if they enter a Siege-Zone.
        • Town becomes vulnerable to being Subverted by nearby nations.
  • 🕊️ Make Town Not-Neutral:
    • /t toggle neutral - As a mayor, declare your town to be not-neutral. The not-neutral state will be confirmed in 5 days (2 if the town is new).
    • Effects:
      • Neutrality & all its effects will be removed.
      • Any occupier the town had, prior to turning neutral, will be restored.
  • 🕊️ Neutrality Related Actions:
    • Subvert neutral Town.
      • As a nation king or general, become the nation with the highest Towny-Influence in a 7500 block radius of the target Neutral town.
      • Place a non-white banner outside the target Neutral town, which will instantly get Subverted and occupied by your nation.
      • Note: Towny influence is generated at a rate of 1 point for every townblock you own:
        • Your Neutral towns do not contribute.
        • Your sieged towns do not contribute.
        • Your towns which are under foreign occupation, do not contribute.
        • Foreign towns which are under your occupation, do contribute.
    • Peacefully Revolt
      • As a mayor of an occupied neutral town, place a non-white banner outside the town.
      • This action will succeed if the town occupier has zero Towny-Influence on the town.
      • If the action succeeds, the neutral town Peacefully Revolts i.e. instant de-occupation.


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