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  • VIP allows players to support EcoSMP while receiving several non-pay-to-win cosmetic perks, quality-of-life perks, and global boosts.

  • While most of the perks are self-explanatory, some are not. The purpose of this page is to list all of the perks, show their in-game commands, and help explain how to use some of the lesser-known or more intricate perks.

  • Most of the VIP perks can also be accessed within the in-game /menu-vip.

Color/Gradient Nicknames

  • We use MiniMessage formatting for nicknames. This allows players to use any HEX color code in their name, not just the regular Minecraft color codes. You can read more about MiniMessage formatting by Clicking Here.

  • To create a single-color nickname, use the command: /nick <#000000>username123. Replace the HEX codes (zeros) with the HEX codes of your choice. You can find HEX codes using an online tool like this one: Click Here

  • To create a two-color gradient nickname, use this command: /nick <gradient:#000000:#000000>username123. Replace the HEX codes (zeros) with the HEX codes of your choice. You can add more hex codes to the command if you want a gradient with more than two colors.

Customized Player Particles

  • Player particles are a cosmetic perk that shows colorful particles in thousands of various customizable combinations of effects, styles, and colors around the player.

  • Use the command /playerparticles to open the GUI. Within the GUI, you can edit your particles, save/load particle presets, enable/disable particles, and more.

  • Create your first preset in the 'Manage Your Particles' section. Click this option and then click 'Create a New Particle'. Start by selecting your Effect, then select your Style, and finally, select your Color. This will create a preset that you can later load/edit. Feel free to play around and see which ones you like!

Unload Inventory

  • The /unload <radius> command allows players to automatically unload items in their inventory into nearby storage blocks that already contain those same items.

  • For example, if a player has dirt, cobblestone, and oak planks in their inventory and is standing near three chests, each with one of those respective items in it, running the command /unload 10 would automatically unload the dirt, cobblestone, and oak planks into the chests with those respective items as long as they are within 10 blocks away. The maximum radius is 32 blocks.

  • By default, the feature will not unload your hotbar into nearby chests. However, if you want it to unload your entire inventory, including your hotbar, use the command /unload hotbar to toggle it on/off.

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