📍Player Warps


Players can create their own warps to see their builds, use their farms, and more. Pwarps can be fully customized with costs, passwords, ratings, descriptions, and more!


  1. Before creating a player warp, make sure you have at least $1,000 in your /balance. Player warps also cost $100 per day in rent.

  2. Select a location for your pwarp. This must be within town claims that you have perms for.

  3. Use /pw set [name] to create a new pwarp at your current location.

  4. Use /pw desc set [warp] [description] to give details about your pwarp to other players.

  5. Use /pw category set [warp_name] [category] to select a category for your pwarp. Your options are 'farms, houses, pvp, shops, other'

  6. Use /pw icon set [warp] to select an item representing your warp in the GUI.

  7. You're done with the essentials! If you want to further customize your pwarp check out the options below.

More Options

  • Use /pw to open the player warp GUI. This is the most accessible place to browse all player warps.

  • Use /pw cost set [warp] [cost Ex. 100] to set a cost for other players to use your pwarp.

  • Use /pw password [warp] [password] to let only people who know the password use your pwarp.

  • Use /pw help to see all player warp commands/options.

Video Tutorial

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