đŸ“ĨLegendary Raffles


What Are Raffles?

Legendary Raffles offer a thrilling opportunity to acquire 1-of-1 Legendary items with custom names, lore, legendary enchantments/money boosts, custom item stat tracking, and a rare gradient color theme. We release 15 rare 1-of-1 items in each raffle, each distinct. These sets of items are only made available on special occasions. Once a set is released, it will never be offered again, and there is only a single item of each type from each set.


  • Prizes: Each raffle presents the chance to win 15 Rare 1-of-1 Legendary Items, each featuring custom names/lore in themed gradient colors, powerful legendary enchantments, custom item stat tracking, and money boosts.

  • Chances: Each entry into the raffle grants you one chance to win. The more entries you acquire, the higher your chances of securing one of these limited-edition items.

  • Limitations: Individuals can win a maximum of two out of the 15 items if they have multiple entries.

How to Enter

Participating in the raffle is a straightforward process:

  • In-Game Purchase: Raffle entries can be purchased in-game using only in-game money from the raffle menu.

  • Access the Raffle Menu: Use the command /menu-raffle or /raffle to access the raffle menu.

  • Preview and Purchase: Inside the raffle menu, you can preview the current raffle set items and purchase entries according to your preference.

Submit your entries before the current raffle ends on December 22nd to secure your chance at these unique items!

Winner Selection

Winners for each raffle are chosen entirely at random using a Random Number Generator (RNG). The more entries you have, the greater your odds of being selected as one of the fortunate winners.

The announcement of the winners for the current raffle will take place on our Discord server in the announcements channel on December 23rd. Be sure to enter the raffle by December 22nd to be in the running for these coveted prizes!

Don't miss your chance to be part of the raffle and potentially walk away with a one-of-a-kind Legendary item that will set you apart in the world of EcoSMP. Good luck!

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