1. Do Not Make The Experience Worse For Other Players. This can include but is not limited to sharing offensive content, bullying, spamming, advertising, scamming, maliciously griefing in/around claimed areas or resources in the wilderness (unclaimed builds can be looted), or otherwise attempting to ruin the experience for other players in any way.

  2. Do Not Attempt To Bypass AFK Detection. This includes any and all methods to avoid AFK detection. To be clear, AFKing itself is not against the rules, just using any method to bypass AFK detection or generate money while AFK is against the rules. Please note that things such as auto smelters and auto brewers are okay to earn money while AFK because the items must be earned by playing before AFKing for the money. However, things like auto fishers, auto-clicking at a mob farm, etc., are considered cheating. Essentially, players should be playing to earn their money, not AFKing.

  3. Do Not Attempt To Cheat Or Use Alternate Accounts. This includes all forms of cheating, using mods/clients that provide unfair advantages (please ask for permission to use a particular mod if you aren't sure), methods of generating items/money faster than intended by EcoSMP, using alternate accounts, abusing server bugs/exploits/issues, using overpowered/unintended tactics, bypassing town limits or using claiming methods that avoid paying upkeep (branch claiming, doughnut claiming, claim blocking, town surrounding, etc.), or anything else that could give you or any other player an unfair advantage of any kind.

  4. Do Not PVP Unless Both Parties Agree To. The only time players should be engaging in PvP is for fun when both parties agree to it. Some examples of things that aren't allowed include killing players inside of non-PVP areas using things like traps, scamming players or tricking them into entering PVP areas, maliciously targeting/bullying the same player/group repeatedly, etc.

  5. Do Not Attempt to Cause Lag. Lag can be caused intentionally and unintentionally. Most farms and redstone are allowed as long as they are not intended to cause lag. However, the server uses a custom system that gives each chunk a "lag score," and if it gets too high, the staff team may ask players to remove things or adjust the chunk/farm to improve server performance (this is very rare). If you are unsure whether something is okay to build, please contact staff to ask for permission first.

  • Please Note It is the job of the staff team to interpret the rules for every situation. Please allow them to do their jobs. Failing to comply with the rules may result in an immediate ban from the entire EcoSMP network without any warning. Please note that EcoSMP does not offer temporary bans or unbans unless a mistake has been made by the staff team. If you believe you have been wrongfully punished, please submit a Ban Appeal on the Discord server in the Ban Appeals channel.

Reporting Rule Breaks

  • If you believe a player is not playing within the rules, please try to get proof, such as screenshots & video recordings.

  • Send reports of players breaking the rules to us in a Ticket on Discord. Please explain the situation and provide as much detail/proof as possible.

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