EcoPets are adorable, interactable, and heavily customizable companions players can take along for their adventures!

Where To Get Them

  • There are over 70 EcoPets available on the EcoSMP Store.
  • VIP players have access to the Classic Companions bundle and are also able to use Hex Color Codes & MC Color Codes when renaming their EcoPets.

How To Use Them

EcoPets Tutorial
  1. 1.
    Use the command /pets and click on the available options in the GUI to summon them. Only EcoPets you have access to will be shown.
  2. 2.
    Right-Click on your EcoPet to open the customization GUI. Each EcoPet has its own unique customization options. Have fun exploring them all!
  • Although each EcoPet has its own unique features, they all share some features such as being rideable, having custom names, following the player around, and more!

Optional Commands

It's best to use /pets to summon your EcoPets and simply right-clicking them to access all customization options. However, if you would like to use commands instead they are available:
  • /pets summon <name> to summon your EcoPet.
  • /pets data <name> to open the customization GUI.
  • /pets rename <name> to rename your EcoPet.
  • /pets remove <name> to remove your EcoPet.