• Rank Perks can affect gameplay. However, they are almost all quality-of-life perks like larger echests, /xpbottle, auto shulkers, auto replant, more homes, more shops, etc.
  • Day Length is altered. Day is 40 min and night is 20 min.
  • Angel Chests will keep items safe when players die. They can be teleported to by clicking in chat or by using /actp. 10% of items will be lost on death to keep things challenging.
  • Nether Portals have a ratio of 1:1 between worlds. For example, a portal at the coordinates 1000, -1000 in the overworld will also be at 1000, -1000 in the nether.
  • Loot-Chests from dungeons, mineshafts, ruined portals, etc will respawn automatically after some time, with different loot, and cannot be opened by the same player multiple times.
  • Replanters can be used to replant seeds automatically. They can be purchased in /shop by players at every rank. Learn more here.
  • Auto-Shulkers automatically collect or destroy certain items. They can be crafted and used by players Master rank and above. Learn more here.
  • Villagers can be easily moved using leads. Also, they do not breed and must be found naturally, cured as a zombie villager, or purchased from /shop. Finally, their AI will be automatically disabled when connected to workstations to improve server performance. They will still restock their trades normally and will still work in things like iron farms. If you want to change a villagers job, simply remove the workstation and right-click them to re-enable their AI.
  • Redstone will function exactly as it does in vanilla 99% of the time. There are a few changes, however. Observer clocks and zero tick farms are disabled. Pistons can push up to 12 blocks. We are using alternate-current redstone implementation, learn more about this here.
  • Hoppers can auto-sort items using a blacklist/whitelist by crouching + right-clicking them to open a GUI where they can be customized. They also cannot be crafted, they must be purchased from /shop.
  • Silk Touch Tools do not pay Jobs money to prevent all potential exploits.
  • Phantoms do not spawn naturally in the world. Phantom membrane can be obtained using /kit phantom or from /shop.
  • Farmable Mobs Stack up to 64 mobs per stack and are limited per 3x3 chunk area. This allows players to have large amounts of mobs in small areas. It also allows almost every type of mob farm to work while keeping the economy balanced. See more about mob stacking/breeding/limits here.
  • Mob Farms have a hard despawn range of 64 blocks, a soft despawn is 32 blocks, and the mob-free zone is vanilla 24 blocks (see a diagram of this below). Mobs/entities cannot move through portals. Mob drops are disabled if the mob dies from cramming. These changes allow almost every type of farm to work without having a massive negative impact on server performance.
EcoSMP Mob Zone