Affiliate Program

  • Anyone can apply to be a part of the EcoSMP affiliate program.
  • Approved affiliate members each have their own code. Players can use these codes to get a 15% discount on the donation store.
  • 20% of the final sale revenue will go to the affiliate partner whose code was used at checkout.
  • Payouts are tracked automatically and are sent out once every 2 weeks.


  • Do not try to abuse/exploit the affiliate program in any way.
  • Do not share your code in any way that would negatively affect EcoSMP. This can include but is not limited to posting the code alongside inappropriate content, spamming message boards or comment sections, advertising it on other servers, or anything else that would make EcoSMP and our affiliates look unprofessional.
  • Affiliates must comply with all Mojang policies/agreements at all times. Some but not all of these can be viewed here:
Note: EcoSMP reserves to right to refuse $WRLD payments to affiliate members if they are not compliant with the rules listed above. It is the job of the staff team to determine whether referrals are within the rules or not. If staff deem that affiliate members are not acting within the rules that member may be kicked out of the affiliate program or banned from the network altogether. The affiliate program's rules and payouts may be changed or revised at any time. All affiliate members will be notified on Discord if/when this happens.

How to apply

  • Fill out this application form and we will get back to you as soon as possible: