Claiming Land/Towns

Claiming a town is essential on EcoSMP. This is the only way players can protect their builds and items from other players. It also provides loads of different options such as toggling mobs in certain areas, giving residents custom permissions in different areas, and so much more!

Create A Campsite

Campsites allow players to temporarily claim and protect 1 plot of land for 72 hours before needing to relight the campfire or create/join their own town. All items are protected within this plot and PvP is disabled.
  1. 1.
    Find a location for your temporary campsite. Use /map in-game or explore on your own until you find a good location.
  2. 2.
    Craft and place a campfire on the ground within the plot you want to claim. A message will pop up asking you if you want to make a camp there. Click on or type /accept in chat.
  3. 3.
    Done! Your camp is created. You and your things will be protected for up to 72 hours as you get started. If you want to extend this time, simply relight the campfire after the 72 hours have expired.
  4. 4.
    Whenever you're ready, create your own town or join one to permanently protect your things and gain access to surveying for resources and many other useful features.

Create A Town

1. Find a good location to start your town. Use /map in-game or click HERE to view the server maps. 2. Use /t new [townname] while standing in the plot you would like to start your new town in. Use /plotborder or press F3+g to see the plot borders. 3. Use /t deposit [amount] to deposit some money into your new town bank. Money in the town bank is used to claim more land and to pay daily upkeep to the server. Money in the town bank can be deposited or withdrawn at any time by the town leaders. Use /towny prices to see all prices/fees. 4. Use /t claim while standing in plots bordering your original home plot to expand your territory. 5. Invite friends to your town using /t add [playername]. They will accept or deny using /t accept/deny [town_name] or by clicking in chat. 6. If you prefer more of a visual approach you can use most of Towny's features from an in-game GUI by using the command /tgui.

Claim An Outpost

Outposts are land claims that are not connected to your original town area. This is useful to claim things like spawners that you find out in the wild or in other worlds.
1. Stand where you want to create a new outpost. Use /plotborder or press F3+g to see the plot borders. 2. Use /t claim outpost 3. Use /t claim while standing in bordering plots to expand the outpost claim like you would for your regular town. 4. Use /t outpost [number ex. 2] to teleport to your new outpost.

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