Earning In-Game Money

In-game money is used to claim land, trade with other players, move up the in-game ranks, and more. Luckily, players can choose from hundreds of different ways to earn money. This allows players to enjoy their time in the EcoSMP metaverse playing however they enjoy most.


Browse all jobs with /jobs browse in-game. Players have all jobs by default allowing them to truly play however they enjoy most from the very start.
  • Miners earn money mining ores and selling them to Smelters or to others in the player shops.
  • Smelters earn money smelting raw ores, glass, bricks, and more. They can sell these items to Builders or to others in the player shops.
  • Woodcutters earn money for chopping logs. They can sell items obtained to Builders or to others in the player shops.
  • Farmers earn money harvesting crops and selling them to Hunters and Chefs or to others in the player shops.
  • Hunters earn money killing hostile and passive mobs. They can sell items obtained from mobs to Brewers and Chefs or to others in the player shops.
  • Fishermen earn money while fishing and for selling to Chefs or to others in the player shops.
  • Chefs earn money while cooking, crafting, collecting, and eating. They can also sell obtained items to others in the player shops.
  • Brewers earn money for brewing potions. They can sell potions to others in the player shops.
  • Builders earn money for placing blocks. They can also sell/rent their builds to other players in various ways.
Note that these are just some of the hundreds of ways items can flow through the economy.

Milestone Rewards

  • 1% Pay Increase Per Level from 1-100.
  • Milestone Rewards Reach Beyond Level 100 & Apply to All Jobs.
  • Level 10: $1,000 & 1 Mystery Box Key | Level 15: $1,500
  • Level 20: $2,000 & 1 Mystery Box Key | Level 25: $2,500
  • Level 30: $3,000 & 1 Mystery Box Key | Level 35: $3,500
  • Level 40: $4,000 & 1 Mystery Box Key | Level 45: $4,500
  • Level 50: $5,000 & 1 Mystery Box Key | Level 55: $5,500
  • Level 60: $6,000 & 1 Mystery Box Key | Level 65: $6,500
  • Level 70: $7,000 & 1 Mystery Box Key | Level 75: $7,500
  • Level 80: $8,000 & 1 Mystery Box Key | Level 85: $8,500
  • Level 90: $9,000 & 1 Mystery Box Key | Level 95: $9,500
  • Level 100: $10,000 & 1 Mystery Box Key
  • & So On Every 5 levels Up to Level 1000.


• Each town automatically produces certain resources each day. Resources can be used for crafting, earning money with Jobs, or earning money by selling them to others in the player shops.
• The occupying nation of each town takes 25% of that town's resources each day.
• Learn how to survey your land to find resources and how to collect them here.

Auction House

• View all auction house listings using /ah.
• Sell items in the auction house using /ah sell [price] [amount] while holding what you want to sell.
• Sell up to a chest full of items in one listing using /ah sellinventory [price]. This will bring up a GUI where you can drop all items you want to sell.
• Search for particular items to buy using /ah search [item_name] or by using /ah and clicking the Categories button on the bottom right.
• View your buy/sell history using /ah history.

Chest Shops

• Shops can only be created in plots that are claimed using Towny. Players can create more shops as they move up the in-game Ranks. • To create a shop, left-click a chest/barrel holding at least one of the items you would like to sell. Use /qs help to see a full list of shop commands in-game. • Players will use /finditem to-buy or to-sell [item_name] to search all shops and immediately teleport straight to them.

Live Auctions

• Players ranked Apprentice and above can auction off items live in-chat to the entire server!
• Use /auc start [amount] [price] [increment] while holding the item you want to auction off. Increment means how much money the bid will go up by each time someone uses /bid.
• Use /auction to see all available options/commands.

Employment Offers

• Use /emp view to view and/or fulfill active employment offers for items from other players. This provides an on-demand way to sell items in exchange for money. • Use /emp offer to create an offer for items you need.
• Use /emp mycontainers to collect requested items.
• Use /emp to view a full list of all plugin commands. • Employment Offers provide an on-demand way to sell items others are in need of even if they are not online.


• EcoSMP has a player-driven economy and we encourage players to innovate new money-making methods as long as they are within the rules. • For example, players can create different types of farms and then set a pwarp to them using /pw help. This will allow them to charge other players to access their farms earning them money passively after the initial build is done.
• This is just one of the hundreds of methods players have come up with to earn money in creative ways never seen before.