What Are They

  • Eco-Collectibles are rare one-of-one custom images that can be placed in the game.
  • The images themselves are made up of various mobs from in-game. The existing ones can be seen down below. There will be more and more Eco-Collectibles introduced over time.
  • We want to reiterate that Eco-Collectibles are one-of-one meaning there will only ever be a single Eco-Collectible of each mob/image.

How To Obtain Them

  • Eco-Collectibles are only obtained by entering raffles in-game using in-game money. They cannot be purchased using real money. Players are allowed to sell them to other players in shops, however.
  • To Enter raffles, use /shop, and then go to the Eco-Collectibles section and purchase as many entries as you would like.
  • The winner will be chosen on the date specified in /shop and will be announced on Discord.
  • New raffles will take place periodically and will be announced on Discord and in-game.

How To Place Them

  • Eco-Collectibles are placed the same way you would place a map inside of an item frame.
  • The item itself cannot be copied or duplicated. Any attempts to bypass this will result in an immediate ban.
  • This section will be expanded as more and more Eco-Collectibles are released.
Blue Axolotl
Black Rabbit
Brown Rabbit
Gold Rabbit
Salt & Pepper Rabbit
Toast Rabbit
White Rabbit
Black & White Rabbit
Baby Black Rabbit
Baby Brown Rabbit
Baby Gold Rabbit
Baby Salt & Pepper Rabbit
Baby Toast Rabbit
Baby Toast Rabbit
Baby Black & White Rabbit