Mob Stacking/Limits

Mobs stack on EcoSMP. This allows players to have large quantities of mobs in small areas without harming server performance too much. This also helps keep jobs balanced while making sure almost any type of mob farm will function properly.

How To Breed Stacked Animals:

Right-Click a stack of animals with food to breed them. They will eat the same amount of food items as there are mobs in the stack with one click. For example, a stack of 32 pigs will eat 32 carrots with one right-click and create a stack of 16 baby pigs. Once the baby pigs grow up they will join back together with the original stack.

Passive Mobs:

Stack Size - Up to 64 mobs per stack
Animals - 16 stacks of any combination of cows, mooshrooms, pigs, chickens, rabbits, or sheep within 32 blocks of one another
Iron Golems - 4 stacks of iron golems within 32 blocks of one another
Turtles - 12 total turtles within 32 blocks of one another
Merge Radius - 8 blocks

Hostile Mobs

Stack Size - 64 mobs per stack.
Limit - 8 stacks of any combination of zombies, skeletons, slimes, creepers, or spiders within 64 blocks of one another.
Merge Radius - 8 blocks, 16 blocks for blaze/ghast.